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Kicking is the most fundamental skill in football.
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Kicking is the most fundamental skill in football.

One that translates into goals more directly than any other.
And when developed to the highest level produces the most spectacular goals.


Excellence in this skill

has been achieved by so few players in the history the game.
I wanted to know what constituted excellence and in order to understand how to execute different types of shots I committed to an in-depth study of all technical factors involved.

I now coach ball striking on an individual basis, helping players achieve the highest level in this aspect of the game and score from free kicks and in open play.

I work on the following shots:

Topspin freekick

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Knuckleball free kick

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Open play shooting

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Non-dominant foot performance

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Set piece delivery, crossing,

other shots

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For players

Technical perfection is always the objective and I don’t compromise on it.

I coach players who share this objective and have the commitment necessary to

achieve it. Correct technical feedback allows mastery of any shot, but practice remains critical – a high level of consistency can only be reached through repetition.


All aspects of a player’s technique are addressed in the work I do – approach, upper body involvement, standing foot position, kicking foot position, point of connection on the ball and on the foot and swing shape.
Due to the very detailed nature of the process I only coach players on an individual basis.


Remote training

My work is based predominantly in the United Kingdom, but players from overseas who are unable to have a one-to-one session can receive feedback on their ball striking through video analysis.

A remote consultation will involve sending me a recording of shots based on which I provide a set of technical factors which the player needs to address in his practices.


For coaches

Players with a good hitting technique significantly influence the outcome of games through direct free kicks, open play shooting, indirect set piece delivery or crossing. They are often seen as the most valuable offensive assets.


However, despite the key role of ball striking, detailed understanding of this aspect of the game is often lacking. In addition to working with the players, I also deliver workshops for coaches consisting of a theoretical presentation and a practical session during which I provide in-depth technical information on various types of strikes and discuss the key factors involved in skill acquisition and performance under pressure.





Contact me if you want to become a free kick specialist, improve your open play shooting, non-dominant foot performance or passing range and accuracy.




Contact me if you want to improve your understanding of ball striking and provide your players with in-depth technical guidance.

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