Bartek Sylwestrzak Free kicks | Delivery, crossing, other shots
Kicking is the most fundamental skill in football.
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Set piece delivery, crossing, other shots
Technical problems that affect most players’ direct free kicks – lack of forward spin, insufficient lift of the ball and poor quality of connection – also influence the quality of their indirect set piece delivery. Often the ball either floats over the danger area because the spin isn’t bringing it down, doesn’t beat the first man, or is played at a slow pace.
Indirect set piece delivery
Set piece deliveries played with forward spin, at a good height and struck with power are very difficult to deal with.
The ball travels faster and with trajectory that neither the defenders nor the goalkeepers are familiar with, wreaking havoc in the penalty area and resulting in goals scored.
Crossing, other types of strikes
All types of strikes can be broken down into technical elements and coached.
Apart from free kicks and open play shooting I also work on crossing, long passing, goal kicks or volleys.


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