Bartek Sylwestrzak Free kicks | Knuckleball free kick
Kicking is the most fundamental skill in football.
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Knuckleball free kick
Apart from the topspin free kick, Juninho Pernambucano brought another shot into prominence – the knuckleball. Producing no-spinning strikes which moved unpredictably in the air allowed him to score spectacular free kicks from very long ranges.
Reduced spin maximises the power of the strike and causes erratic, unstable flight which deceives the goalkeeper.
The ability to execute a knuckleball has become one of the most desired technical skills in football with free kick takers around the world attempting to hit the ball without spin, causing it to move. Andrea Pirlo, who in recent seasons has been scoring more free kicks than any other player, is among the very few who mastered it.


There are a number of ways in which the no-spin effect can be achieved and, as with other types of strikes, I adjust the technique to each individual player.


Some balls are more prone to such movement than others, but it can only be achieved if the player is able to produce very clean strikes where the ball is flying virtually still through the air.



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