Bartek Sylwestrzak Free kicks | Non-dominant foot performance
Kicking is the most fundamental skill in football.
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Non-dominant foot performance
Technical proficiency with the non-dominant foot is a difference-making asset which is rarely seen, even at the top level of the game. Players such as Alessandro Del Piero, Pavel Nedved, Zinedine Zidane and Diego Forlan all scored numerous goals with their left foot. It was almost impossible to tell that one of the greatest left backs in history – Paolo Maldini – was naturally right footed.
All the technical principles used when working on the dominant foot can be applied to improve the non-dominant foot.
Repetition remains critical, but the learning process is accelerated through player’s understanding of a particular type of strike acquired when mastering it on the stronger foot.


I work on the player’s non-dominant foot performance in every session, focusing mainly on open play shooting and passing range and accuracy.



Contact me if you want to become a free kick specialist, improve your open play shooting, non-dominant foot performance or passing range and accuracy.




Contact me if you want to improve your understanding of ball striking and provide your players with in-depth technical guidance.

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