Bartek Sylwestrzak Free kicks | Open play shooting
Kicking is the most fundamental skill in football.
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Open play shooting

Although the inside of the foot can also be used, particularly from short ranges, the laces strike is the predominant open play technique.

‚ÄčThis shot is frequently attempted in games, but very few players develop it to the highest level.




Both when hitting a dead or moving ball the objective is to maximize the power of the shot through a clean connection and reduced spin rate.

In this respect technical mistakes can be perceived as leakages of energy which limit the speed of the strike.


Reduced spin rate also causes movement of the ball, as in the knuckleball free kick.



Applying topspin with the laces is a difficult skill, but mastering it is a great asset.

Most players apply at least some backward spin when shooting with the laces and are as a result likely to put the ball over the crossbar. However, even a very slow forward rotation has a significant effect on the trajectory, bringing the ball down and reducing the risk of missing the target.


Additionally, if the ball dips before the goal line, the goalkeeper’s task is made very difficult through a fast, kicking bounce.





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